The Dynamic Range Day Challenge

The Dynamic Range Day Challenge
Accept the challenge !

Commit to keeping more than 10dB peak-to-loudness range (DR10) in your next recording, mix and master.

How do I measure the dynamics of my music ?

To find out everything you need to know, click here.

Why 10dB ?

DR10 as measured by the TT Meter is near the top end of the “loudness sweet spot” – in any genre. Sadly though, most modern release are crushed to DR6 or even less.

So the Dynamic Range Day Challenge is simple:

Choose to keep your next project to DR10 or more

If you are already making Wide Dynamic Music, we still have a challenge for you !

Persuade someone else to take this challenge
Show them the resources on this site and challenge them to get involved

Hell, you could even accept the challenge for yourself and challenge a friend !

What’s the point ?

Well for one thing, your music will sound better.

But there’s more.

It will also sound “louder” on radio or TV, on iTunes Radio, Spotify and other online players – and in many popular mp3 players.

Plus, accepting the Challenge is one of the best ways to raise awareness of Dynamic Range Day !

How to take part

Accepting the challenge is easy.

First, make sure your album has an overall peak-to-loudness ratio of 10dB dynamic (DR10) or more.

Then simply add the logo to your CD or website, with a link back to

For example:

  • Copy and paste the following update to Twitter or Facebook – you could even change your profile image to the logo above, if you like

I have ACCEPTED the Dynamic Range Day Challenge ! Click here for more info #DynamicRangeDay

  • Or, post something similar to your blog, Posterous, Tumblr – anywhere online. Use the logo image at the top page and link back here
  • Maybe even record a short video clip – on your phone is fine – and post it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or anywhere else we can embed it from

Finally, post a message on the wall of the Dynamic Range Day Facebook Page with a link so that everyone can see you’re taking part.

Accept the Dynamic Range Day Challenge NOW, and tell us about it !

For regular updates, make sure you’re signed up as a fan of Dynamic Range Day on Facebook, follow @DynamicRangeDay on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter using this form:

Using the logo

The Challenge Logo above is available as a Hi-Res image – so you can use it on the artwork of any release with an overall dynamic range measurement of DR9 or more, and help publicise this idea at the same time.

Feel free to use the logo on your music’s publicity, website, Facebook or Bandcamp page – provided it has an overall measurement of DR9 or higher.

To download the image as an EPS for use on your album’s artwork, click here.

(You might also like to apply for TurnMeUp certification – more details here.)

Dynamic Range Day logo designed by Matthew Vince