Dynamic Range Day 2013 – Turn It Up To Eleven !

The word is out.

The mainstream media is talking about the Loudness Wars. Fans on forums everywhere are talking about the Loudness Wars. Sound On Sound is starting articles with phrases like “Louder is not better. The message has got home at last”. ITU-based loudness meters are everywhere. In America, the CALM Act is in force, and in Europe all the leading broadcasters have signed up to comply with the R128 broadcast loudness regulations.

The war is won, right ? We can all go home ?

Actually… no.

2012 and 2013 have seen some fantastic, dynamic releases, proving the proving the research right right – loudness really does have no connection to sales. Jack White’s Blunderbuss topped the charts despite measuring a whopping DR11 on the TT Dynamic Range meter. HD audio sites are releasing remasters that are actually more dynamic than the original CDseven for bands like Green Day who are “supposed” to be loud – and the fans love them.


The vast majority of mainstream releases are still pushed to within an inch of their lives, in all genres – DR6 or less is a horribly common average reading for new releases.

Why ?

Because the people responsible don’t realise that loudness is pointless.

They don’t realise that no matter how “loud” the digital signal is, no-one will ever hear it that way – and that people don’t like it anyway !

Maybe they’ve never listened to anything on Spotify, and don’t realise that it all gets played back at the same volume. Maybe they haven’t ever listened to the radio, and don’t know that FM broadcast compression squashes everything.

Or maybe they don’t ever adjust the volume on their CD player or mp3 player, and skip over songs they like but are simply “too quiet”.

Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it ?

But whatever the reason, they still aren’t changing their bad habits… yet.

Which makes it more important than ever that we spread the word and tell them.

Turn up the volume to 11

Dynamic Range Day 2013 is on March 22nd.

We have no funding and make no profit – so we rely on you to make it happen. So this year, we’re asking you to personally tell eleven people about DRD and the Loudness Wars.

(Because eleven is one better, right ?!)

Share this page, or the links it contains, starting today - and watch out for updates on those accounts for more ideas.

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Maybe organise an event in your area, or accept the Dynamic Range Day Challenge for your music.

Stay tuned for more information about this year’s competition and award – and news of a top-secret audio plugin that will help anyone find the optimal dynamic balance for their music.

The word is out – now let’s turn up the volume to 11 !